The campaign


The campaign will last 1 million minutes

The 1 million miles for Ellie campaign will last for 1 million minutes from the launch date on 20/05/2015. The timer below shows how many minutes are left to get involved!

feetWe are aiming to reach 1 million miles...

You can add either real miles or "virtual" miles to the campaign.  You could dedicate the miles from an activity such as hillwalking or cycling or you can add a virtual mile simply by donating or interacting with us on social media.  See below for how to add a mile.

coin...and raise £1million for those touched by cancer

Anyone can donate at any time to help us reach our £1million target and each donation also adds a virtual mile to the total!

Campaign progress


Ways to get involved


Do it for Ellie, for yourself and for those you know and don't know who are touched by cancer. A penny, ten pennies, a pound or pounds - any amount large or small will make a difference to so many!  Each donation will go towards our total of £1million and each time a donation is made a virtual mile will also be automatically added to the capmaign.

donate now £

Do something extraordinary

Pick something from Ellie's bucket list or yours - make one if you haven't already, anything is possible.  Give the campaign some energy by doing something extraordinary and adding the miles travelled during your activity to the campaign - whether you do a triathlon, climb a mountain, ski down a mountain, kayak for miles, camel ride it, bungee jump it, parachute it, cycle it, sail it, swim it, hike it, horse ride it, fly it, dance it, tough mudder it or munroe bag it!

Use social media

Add a virtual mile to the campaign by supporting us on social media to help spread the word. Instead of contributing actual miles, each time someone gets involved with our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts a virtual mile is automatically added to the campaign. See below for more details

How to add physical miles

If you have taken part in any activity lately, however big or small, you can dedicate the miles travelled during this activity to to the campaign. Whether you have climbed a mountain or simply walked to the shops, you can submit your miles below and they will automatically be added to the total. Why not add a photo of you activity to Instagram with the #1mmilesforellie to contribute an extra mile! :

Name Activity undertaken No. of miles

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How to add virtual miles

Each of the following actions will automatically add 1 virtual mile to the campaign total:

Via Facebook

Like us on Facebook
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Share any of our posts on Facebook
Comment on any of our Facebook posts
Click on any of our Facebook posts

Via Twitter

Follow us on Twitter
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Via Instagram

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Post on Instagram with the hashtag #1mmilesforellie

By donating

Donate online at our Virgin Giving page. Each donation, no matter how big or small, adds a virtual mile onto the total. Click here to go to the donations page

By uploading your activities

Upload details and images of the activities that you undertake for the campaign to our website. Each post adds a virtual mile. Upload your images here