The morning has arrived - 20th June 2015 - the inaugural fundraising event for "1 Million Miles for Ellie, 1 million pounds for those touched by cancer" and the official launch at 2 p.m. of the campaign.  I can't believe that we have come so far since February and it would not have been possible without the wonderful support of the three charities who have agreed to work in partnership with me, Cancer Research UK, Maggie's and MacMillan Cancer Support ; the love, support and hard work of the community in organising the first fundraising event with us and the creativity of Lorraine, who saw my vision and created beautiful branding and Graham who also understood the brief intuitively and designed a wonderful website.
I am anxious, excited and a little afraid of the challenge that I have set myself but the ideas that friends, young and old, are coming up with to raise funds for this campaign are breathtaking in such a short space of time!  Ralph has completed the first miles around the Old Tom Morris Golf Course in Askernish, South Uist - 5.3 miles (I think we'll have to round them down to 5) and sponsored himself £10 a mile so the first £53 are ready to be banked.  Our daughter Sarah's friends are walking/ running "Causeway to Causeway" from Berneray to Eriskay on 4th July and we have plenty of other ideas which I'll share at a later date.
Please support the campaign and have fun doing it - we can all help make a difference to those touched by cancer!!
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